Your cycling skills might be as of a beginner or pro but you surely require some of the gadgets that will help to drive safely and reach the destination. Maybe as a part of the exercise or even as an adventure, you would love to cycle around and burn your sweat and calories, in addition, to that you even require some of the basic tools that would help you whenever your cycle breaks down or for your own safety.

These are the must required accessories that you require when you go cycling around.

  1. Animated LED Wheel Light

These multi-color waterproof wheel lights give your bike the exact look it wants. Night driving can be hazardous and so these lights make your bike very much visible while driving in the night also they light your way further. These motion activated light displays mount to your wheels and turn them into glowing lights with 32 different colors and tons of animations and patterns. It has 42 themes and 16 colors with a variety of combinations that you can choose from. The charging lasts up to 20 hrs with 3X AA batteries.

Light up your nights with the animated LED wheel lights @ 59.99.

2. Beeline- Smart Bike Compass

Sometimes relying on Google maps for directions is not so cool as it can mislead us too, that’s when you need a Bike compass which guides you through the directions more precisely. Beeline is sleek and attachable to your handlebars so the navigation becomes easier for you. It keeps you on track via a smartphone app. The arrow on the back lit screen maneuvers you in the correct direction as you ride, so knowing you’re headed in the right place just requires a quick glance. It also features a clock, speedometer, and distance tracker.

Get your directions always right with the Beeline smart compass on Firebox @ $139.79.

3. Nulock Bluetooth Bike Lock

Risking to park your bike without a lock or even a simple lock isn’t fun as the anxiety of losing it is similar to your car being towed. Nulock the waterproof Bluetooth lock prevents your bike from getting stolen. The iOS and Android compatible app automatically unlocks when you’re in range and will buzz and set off an alarm if someone other than you try to disassemble it. It has 3 AAA battery which lasts for 8 months of use and the indicator will warn you if the battery is below 20%.

Lock away your worries with the Nulock Bluetooth Bike lock @ $39.99

Make your cycling more adventurous and fun with few of these accessories and more are coming on its way.

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credits: mashable