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Work out or yoga sessions are pretty cool and exhausting, but we still love to sweat and burn calories as it adds to our wellbeing. Being a gym freak everyone focuses on the posture that you maintain while doing a particular set of workout or yoga session. You can’t have your mentor around you for constantly or likewise a companion to look whether your exercise is correct or not. Thus Wearable X, a company founded in 2013 that combines fashion and tech, is hoping its smart yoga pants, called NADI X, will help yoga practitioners focus on the right moves.

Tech smart enabled clothes with sensors embedded within them, haptic vibrations and NFC smart serve high-end issues like Like high-end tracking for those serious about their fitness or more accurate monitoring for newborns.  Thus smart wears are trending and winning the markets nowadays.


These tech-enabled yoga pants use haptic feedback in order to perfect your posture and practice your pigeon pose. Of course, like other smart garments already on the market, they’re aimed at those taking part in a specific activity.

How does it work?

The pants have almost 5 woven accelerometers and motorized vibrating panels present at the hips, knees, and ankles. They can be hand-washed as there is removable battery called pulse which stays 90 minutes per charge.

The Nadi X iOS app leads users through a session with a library of yoga poses, visuals, and an auditory coach.

The app can also track a user’s progress, and offers suggestions for poses and improvements.

There is also an option to adjust the intensity of the vibrations.

The pants use haptic technology, you might have experienced this without even knowing, whether you’ve felt it yourself as a vibration from a wearable like the Apple Watch Series 2, a games controller or even on the home button on your iPhone. Nadi X thus uses the haptic technology to guide you to the best and right position while performing yoga.

The Wearable X have future plans to release a similar Nadi X bra. The Nadi X bra will have sensations that roll down the shoulders to remind you to bring your shoulders back and down. As well as a custom meditation feature that guides you with inhales and exhales on your chest.

Billie Whitehouse, the co-founder of Wearable X says “We worked on custom software that is powered for artificial intelligence so that you can connect to your smartphone and your pants will do the work. This product has been two years in the making.”

Wearable X has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the Nadi X pants.

Thus the future of smart clothes is not far where we can control all our activities with our tech-savvy clothes just like Star Wars.

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