The season for giving is one of the best all-around, and these ideas will stoke your passion to please your friends and loved ones who are avid hobbyists.

Need a fun idea for the Easter Gift baskets? How about a new drone? The Tenergy TDR Eggsplorer Quadcopter Drone has been a blast! This fun drone would be the great gift to put in the Easter Gift basket of someone you love. I’m already planning to gift this for the Easter! After seeing the Tenergy TDR Eggsplorer I couldn’t wait to try out this drone. I was a bit surprised at how small it was. I knew it was going to be small but I didn’t know it was literally going to be the size of an egg. It really is the cutest thing though. It does get a little bit bigger when the “wings” pop up.

Product Description:

Transformable Drone: Instantly morph from an egg form to a quadcopter with just a press of the button on the drone.

Stabilized drone quadcopter with auto hovering: The advanced altitude holding technology allows the drone to suspend in the air hands-free when you let go of the remote, making it easy to fly and easy to maneuver for beginners, starters, newbies, and kids.

One-Key Quadcopter Stunts: Fun 360-degree rolling stunt trick can be performed with one button to make your flight even more impressive.

Portable Mini Drone Design: Pocket-sized egg form without exposed blades to prevent damage during transportation, making it easy to carry around. Very small drone size and perfect for indoor drone flying.

Flexible Flying Options for Family Drone: Comes with headless flying mode and speed selection to make it easier to find a flying setting to suit each person’s skill level in your family. Enjoy this unique and cute drone with the entire family.

Key Features:

  • Instantly morph from an egg form to a quadcopter!
  • Stabilized drone quadcopter with auto hovering
  • Portable Mini Drone Design

Unboxing and Set-Up:

The box looks and feels pretty fancy. The packaging is well done and you get everything you need to fly minus the batteries for the transmitter. The controller is small but feels fine, and the quad itself looks cool but feels cheap and fragile.


If you have already owned other drones and know the basic of how drones work, this is a really good choice. Because of its design, first timers might find it hard to tell at first which side is the front or the back. Other than that, flying a drone is a really good, sneaky way of bringing the kid outside for a change.

“Tiny and easy to pack. Great for all ages”

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