People who suffer from social anxiety may find it difficult in controlling panic attacks in social situations. Aside from medication and therapy there are many techniques that you can use to reduce anxiety and stop a panic attack in its tracks. Many people feel a little anxious in situations like; going to a social gathering where you don’t know anyone and introducing yourself in front of new people. However, people with social anxiety have an extreme fear of embarrassment in these situations.

For those who are suffering from stress, fidget controllers act as the pain reliever. It can provide a wide range of therapeutic advantages to kids and adults who are anxious, hyperactive or antsy. They are effective solution to get a child to focus when it comes to thinking, talking, or listening in a learning environment. This type of toy can available in a variety of shapes. For adults, a worry stone or similar can make a useful option to help with stressful situations.

There are various shapes of fidget spinners are available in the market. But here I mentioned a most popular fidget controller for you:

The Original Fidget Retro

Introducing the Fidget Retro! Today it is the most ergonomic, easy to use and addictive fidget toy on the market. This amazing fidget controller is small in size, Lightweight, and easy to keep in your pocket. Also can be used anywhere.


  1. There is an 8 fidget function in the controller and provides never-ending fidgeting. It includes:
  • A Clickable Omnidirectional Joystick
  • 4 Retro Colored Buttons
  • A Never-Ending Gear Roller
  • A Grip Textured Massage Roller
  • A Clickable Switch
  • A Spinnable Dial
  • A Spring Loaded Slider
  • A Grip Textured “Zen” Section
  1. It is designed with colorful retro buttons and a simple ergonomic design reminiscent
  2. Perfect for kids and adults who are anxious, hyperactive, nervous, or antsy

Made From Premium Material

The sturdy ergonomic body is formed using rubberized plastic specifically designed for maximum comfort while fidgeting. The built-in lanyard was made to improve the fidgeting experience, allowing the user to easily keep track of their fidget retro!

Why fidget retro controller is the perfect device?

  • Comes with multiple color buttons for a dynamic contrast
  • Awesome little device for family vacations and road trips!
  • The perfect therapy for the “are we there yet “kind of kids
  • Makes a great stocking stuffer for children and parents alike

Price- $9.99