Haven’t watched “Avengers-Infinity War” yet, we give you a chance to still not read the article as it contains spoilers, but read on as this important news for you to know. And if you have seen the movie and the post credit scene you might be wondering why a pager is used to communicate.

The post credit scene involves Nick Fury is caught in an accident and watches the people evaporating right in front of him than he runs with a fast pace towards his truck and gets hold of a gadget that looks something like from the 90’s before he is evaporated. Nick Fury uses a pager to send a message to an unknown source which flashes an unusual logo.

Then you come to know that the logo comprises of a star which resembles the logo of Captain Marvel. We won’t discuss the superpowers of Captain Marvel as it needs a completely new article to define her.

We do get a question as to why a pager is used to connect to her and not a mobile phone or a satellite phone, also the pager indicates a symbol which is present in the traditional pager too. But why is it used?

Pagers work differently

Pagers are used where one can use a landline phone to dial the number of that pager. The pager would then flash the number of the contact and the paged person would then go to a nearby landline to return the call.

Previously pagers were used by criminals as it was harder to trace the message they contained or also the person thus it was safer than all the instant messaging services we use today. The movie is set on the 90s theme and thus Captain Marvel is shown using the gadgets that gained a lot of popularity in the 90s also she can’t be found easily if she uses a pager.

Surely the pager doesn’t look like a traditional one but with some sort of alien technicality. It’s a possibility to see the device again in the upcoming Captain Marvel movie as it definitely looks like a leftover gadget from Nick Fury’s encounter with Captain Marvel in the 1990s.

Just like radio signals are triggered to everyone and then only a specific group of people are able to hear it and rest can’t, same is the situation with pagers where the messages are sent as frames to everyone with a wake message but activate every pager in the same group and then sends data to them in chunks called frames, with each pager extracting only the messages specifically addressed to it.

What is a pager made of?

  1. Three buttons for control
  2. Battery connectors
  3. LCD display screen
  4. Vibrating alert: A small electric motor vibrates whenever you receive a message or update
  5. A small loudspeaker which is audible when a message is received.
  6. 1.5 volt battery which needs to be charged.

All the 90s kids get excited as the next sequence of Captain Marvel will give us more insights on the pager and why it was used. Till then we hope our assumptions are to the point. After watching the movie you would also want a pager for yourself to try out how it works so it is available on Amazon at a cheap price.

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