Summer is right around the corner and that definitely means longer and colder showers and dips in the pool to beat the heat. And in times like this, don’t we all just wish we could jam to our favorite tunes in the shower? Luckily VicTsing’s Shower Speaker has you covered!

Why should you buy it?

  • Not only is it waterproof but it’s also “shower-proof” which is clearly trying to tell you that you need to take this speaker with you in the shower. And honestly who doesn’t love listening to music when you’re in there?
  • Because it’s so durable it’s the perfect speaker for those who love to travel or dabble in adventure sports.
  • If you’re a bit clumsy(hey, it’s cool, we feel you) and tend to drop things around or if you’ve had bad experiences with losing your precious electronics to water-damage then this is the speaker you need!

Some of its cool features:

Strong and sturdy

We know its water-proof but did you also know that this speaker is shockproof, dustproof too? Apart from that its build and design is sturdy enough to let you rough it out without having to worry too much about it breaking apart. 

Place it anywhere

It has a really awesome suction cup which you can use to mount it on your bathroom walls and it just doesn’t fall off. There’s also an attachable hook so which makes it easy to hang wherever you go.

Impressive Sound Quality

You may be thinking that since it has all these additional features the sound may not be thaaattt great but you’re wrong! With crisp and clear tones and a good enough bass, these speakers will pleasantly surprise you given their price. But yet again, don’t go expecting the kind of quality you would get from a high- end speaker because it is $20.99 you’re spending after all! That being said, there’s nothing to complain and we certainly loved the sound experience.

Battery and life

After charged to its fullest, this speaker will give you decent 6hours of music playback on MAX VOLUME. So it can definitely go up to 8-10 hours if you listen to a lower sound or use it for listening to e-books etc.

All in all,

there’s not much more to say about this speaker other than it’s pretty fantastic! At an affordable price of $20.99 there’s so much you can do with this handy little speaker. It’s portable, sounds great and is definitely going to be your new friend in the shower!

Buy it here!

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