Loosing your belongings is a common issue that everyone faces. For any human being, it’s not possible that he or she might not have forgotten their phone or bike keys or traceable gadgets somewhere or the other place. When we are too much into a certain thing we forget the accessories and later when we need them it’s too late to find. So a salvation for all the absentminded people is a tracking gizmo- the Tile.

Tile slim is a version of Tile which is slimmer and is upgraded than the previous version so that finding missing objects becomes more easier.

Technique used:

Tile uses Bluetooth to connect to the compatible app on the phone or tablet. The tile app discovers the Tile and a Bluetooth connection is developed between the Tile and the app.  It also tracks your location so that the previous location the lost Tile can be detected. Your Tile can be discovered when it is in the good Bluetooth range.

To get the best from Tile you need to:

  1. Enable the Bluetooth always.
  2. The Tile app must be open and running.
  3. Location of your phone should be enabled.

How to use it

Setting up the tile app is really easy. Download the free Tile app, enable location and Bluetooth access of the phone to the device.You also need to register a tile account for free.The app will prompt you to add your Tile.

To add your tile simply press the “e” of the “tile” word written on the device till it emits a little tune and holds it close to your iOS device when prompted to do so. Your Tile is now paired. You can add up to 8 Tiles per account. The Tile app will show the last place where it “saw” the object and how long it saw.

When you want to locate your missing Tile, go to the place where you think you might have lost it. Tap the Tile from the list to bring up the Find screen. The grey circle tells you that you are still out of the approximate 150 feet of Bluetooth range. The circle changes to green when you are in the range of the lost Tile. Now tap on the Find Button which tells the Tile to emit tune.

And thus you find your lost object.

Features Of the Tile Slim

  1.  It is slim and sleek with classy colors and it’s true that it is just thick as two credit cards. It is water resistant. Easy to carry and fits in your wallet or purse.
  2.  You can select among four different ring tones – Bionic Birdie, Classic Call, Pep in your Step and Blues for Slim.
  3.  The battery life is pretty decent, it works till 1 year. Like other electronic devices, the battery is not replaceable. The company has some offers where you can replace the worn out Tile with a new one at some discounted rate.
  4. The Tile community can be formed with the ” community find” feature. Every person who keeps their Tile app open becomes a node to form a larger community to find your lost object.


Now you won’t forget your things as you always have a tracker with you. Hang it around your bag or carry it in a wallet as it doesn’t even take space.