Our busy schedule doesn’t allow us to take out time for gym and fitness regimes. And we don’t even come to know how fast the weekends past,  just lazying around the whole day and doing nothing.It’s too late till we realize that exercise, diet, and a well-toned body is a must for healthy living.


Who Should Buy This?

1. Want to lose some weight without a personal gym trainer and fit into the dresses you thought were too tight for you, get the excited cause, it will also save your money and along with this, you can stay connected to your phone the whole time. It also keeps a note of the time and diet you follow.

2. It helps to record your path the whole time you are wearing it, now this is good for your safety. So girls a better safety device that you need and also a fitness gadget. A jogger was sexually assaulted when she stopped to pee while her run by a passerby, everything was recorded by the fitness tracker, as she was trained in self-defense she managed to escape, you can read the whole news here.

So the best device for your safety, you can also keep an emergency number dialed and get help if your phone is not present with you.

3. Make a daily routine check with this tracker, it will help you out knowing your schedules, your messages, some celebrations or tasks etc and that too with just a click on your wrist. You are all hands-free now and continue doing your other tasks.

Why is Tofit Cool?

1. Cost efficient

The price is quite satisfactory as compared to the fitness trackers available, it’s just $28.16 and comes with free shipping on Amazon. With such a cheap rate you get almost all your requirements fulfilled of a fitness tracker.

2. Easy to use

It easily syncs with an Android or iPhone, thus get notified every time when you get a message, call or notification, so when you are in the gym you still are connected with your world. A good quality product with a lot to offer gives you a lot of information on day to day activities and rest time.

3. Classy 

Yes, it’s a lot more classy and comes with three belts of different colors that you can match with your clothes. The belts come in black, blue and purple color. Wear a fitness tracker rather than a normal watch and give yourself a classy look.

4. Battery Life

Amazing battery life, charge it to the limit once and use it for 4 days. You don’t need to charge it regularly now.


Save money and time with the Tofit Fitness Tracker. It’s your all-time buddy, while it may be gym or swimming. Wear it along and stay safe too.Keep your fitness on your sleeves and you will rock the world with Tofit Fitness tracker. Get it on Amazon with best deals and live up to your dream of having a well-toned body.

credits: Amazon customer reviews