Do you remember the time when you had to carry bulky, heavy and large video cameras which were so complicated to use and yet produced low quality videos?

Well, the good news is, gone are those days!

Now you can simply carry an Action Camera that is twice as small as your palm and get the best moments captures without any fuss.

Action Cameras are super convenient and can be used anywhere anytime. They are small, lightweight, portable and even wearable. Whether you want to capture sports outdoor, underwater adventures, or extreme excursion, Action Cameras can do pretty much everything with great functionality and performance.

Here we review the Top 5 Action Cameras that can be bought within $50.


1. Crosstour Action Camera – $ 35.97

Tagged as “Amazon’s Choice” for action cameras as well as “Best Seller” in APS film cameras, Crosstour is definitely the most sought after action camera in the Amazon. With 4.4 Star Rating from 379 costumers, it comes with full HD video and photo resolution capturing quality images and movies.

With the 170° wide-angle lens, customer can perfectly capture wide range of scenes and surroundings around. The wireless remote control connection makes the product user friendly and easy to use. After connecting the camera to the phone, one can simply operate the camera through the phone. Also, the camera comes with two rechargeable batteries. Therefore, when one battery runs out of power, another can be replaced making sure that the user doesn’t miss to capture the Kodak moment.

One of the best features about the camera is that it can perform even underwater till 30 meters. With a solid waterproof case, the camera takes pictures as good as on ground. Further, the camera has a 2” LCD screen which allows user to look at the picture immediately after the capture. And another lucrative part of the camera is that is comes with 18 multi-function accessories.

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2. Campark ACT74 Action Camera – $49.99

Known as  #1 Best Seller in underwater camcorder category of Amazon, Campark ACT74 comes with a Super 4K recording and Sony sensor. With 4.3 rating from 1948 customer reviews, this camera captures high quality images with 16MP and video footage with 4K/30 fps making it one of the bests among the action cameras. It captures images and videos at the same resolution even underwater.

The camera is equipped with 170° ultra-wide-angle lens which capture images and videos in a very high resolution. Even the 2” screen on the back of the camera comes in HD making it easy for users to quickly glance at the images and videos taken precisely.

The camera is convenient to use in the sense that it has a WIFI Remote Control through which users can connect the camera to the phone and instantly share the images in social media. Also, it has a long battery life up to 180 minutes and comes with an extra battery.

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3. APEMAN Action Camera – $33.97

With 4.9 customer rating, the APEMAN Action Camera is the best customer reviews in this category. It comes with a high quality 1080P resolution video recording and 12MP photo resolution. With the 1050 mAh in built battery, the camera can last up to 2 hours after full charge.

Like other action camera, APEMAN is also equipped with 170° wide-angle lens making it easier for the user to capture full surroundings. With the waterproof case on, the camera can capture images and videos under water till 30 meters deep.

94% of the customers rating this camera as 5 star already proves that the camera delivers at the highest level as per its assurance. Moreover, for the convenience of users, the camera is equipped with HDMI, USB, AV Video Output to connect to computer, projector and television, despite lacking remote control access to mobile phones.

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4. LeadEdge Action Camera – $42.99

With 4.6 rating from 38 customers, LeadEdge is a 4K Ultra HD action camera. The camera is equipped with 16M photo resolution capturing high quality images. It has 170° wide angle ‘Sharkeye’ glass lens. With the in-built Wi-Fi system, user can instantly connect the camera with the phone and share videos and pictures taken in social media.

One of the coolest features of the LeadEdge camera is its monopod. The monopod is made of aviation aluminum which can elongate till 65 cm giving users a very convenient way to take high quality selfies. Moreover, the camera comes with a waterproof carrying case made with leather materials and large enough to store other accessories.

For long recording time, the camera comes with two 1050 mAh batteries making sure that the users don’t miss to capture the moments they want.  It can record video up to 120 minutes with full charged battery. The waterproof case allows users to also click pictures and videos underwater.

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5. Victure Action Camera – $39.99

Victure action camera is ranked as #1 Best Seller in Range Finders Film Cameras. It has customer rating of 4.7 stars from 143 customers’ reviews. This camera is one of the best-selling cameras and has 88% 5-star rating.

Victure action camera comes with a full HD video and photo resolution. One of the cool features of the camera it that it is equipped with HDR technology to store the true color of the images and videos captured. It has a great coverage with 170° wide angle lens making users able to capture the most they can.

With the solid waterproof case, the camera can take images and pictures underwater till 30 meters. Despite not having the Wi-Fi technology to connect to phones, the camera comes with significant amount of mounting accessories making it ideal to outdoor adventures like biking, hiking and cycling.

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