Are you a gadget geek? Do you thirst to know about the latest technology and innovations? Do you love to add new gadgets to your cool collection but have some budget in mind? Don’t worry, we have bought to you cool gadgets under $ 50 that you can buy on Amazon.

Gadgets under $50

Yootech Wireless Charging  Pad- $12.99

Get the wireless charger for personal use or either to gift someone. This is the best charging pad under $50 that can work for various devices. You can find a variety of options of Yootech wireless charging pads and can choose the one that perfectly satisfies your needs. Available with different power adaptability and serves Qi-enabled devices. Temperature control system and protect technology which avoids overheating of the charging pad. The device is durable, reliable and portable and has a battery backup of almost 12 hrs.

Package includes:

Qi wireless charger pad

Micro USB cable

User manual

Skullcandy jib Bluetooth Headphones – $26.99

A reliable pair of headphones for your traveling and work time. Best quality sound along with better microphones, these headphones ensure you the best feel of music @ just $35. Skullcandy promises 6hrs of battery life and is compatible with iPhone as well as other Android phones. Great fit, easy to use headphones with an enhanced base for a clear and loud music to give you the feel of pub even if you are at your home and wanna party alone with your headphone on, these offer you the best solace.

Package includes:

Skullcandy headphones

Extra buds

Clip-On Camera Lens-$14.99

Turn your smartphones into a zooming machine to click clear and precise pictures with this 8x Optical Zoom Clip-On Telescope for Smartphones. It is highly compact and lightweight that you do not feel it heavy in your hands. It is compatible with almost every phone be it iPhone or Android.

Tile Bluetooth Tracker- $ 49.99

One of the best selling gadgets of Amazon, the tile Bluetooth tracker tracks almost every device that it is connected with. Now your phone or keys can never be lost.  It is compact and portable, it fits into your bag or wallet and is very lightweight. The advanced part is there is a Tile community which also strives to help you to track down your device. You can know more about tile here.

Kindle Fire Tablet- $49.99

Again one of the coolest best sellers of Amazon, the kindle fire tablet is for all the bookworms out there who love to explore stories and biographies. It has an amazing battery life of 8 hrs and can capture the best pictures with its 2MP rear-facing camera. You can read books, listen to music, watch movies and play games with the fastest quad-core processor of Kindle Fire tablet. You can know more about the Kindle family here.


These are just 5 cool gadgets under $50 but there are more to add to the list. To know more about such amazing gadgets visit