When a new mobile game is released in the market everyone has the urge to play and know how it works. Puzzle games are for the techies, smarties and intelligent people out there. G30 -A memory maze is a new puzzle game created by Ivan Kovalov released on May 16, 2018. The game is out now for iOS users only.

Its a memory game about a person with the cognitive disorder, trying to remember the elusive past. The main logic behind the game is a memorizing by combining telescopic text and graphical puzzle. There are simple visuals which have to be controlled via dashed lines.

The game is narrative and a new experience. If you have played  Eliss and Zen Bound you might have a bit knowledge about the game. You need to drag the lines and after the image is complete and resembles to some recognizing shape, animal, bird or things existing in nature thus solving the puzzle also revealing memories in telescopic te

The whole game is designed and developed by one developer – the music, the coding and also the art.

How to play?

Even though G30 seems simple at the start, it becomes critical and challenging as you proceed forward.. You twiddle and rotate dials, to manipulate a series of interlocking, overlapping shapes, until you get something that matches the level’s title. Over time, more complex interactions appear, some dials automatically moving others, or you utilizing markers to activate specific dials.

In the start, it seems like a 2D Shadowmatic, but eventually, you realize that it becomes difficult to solve the puzzle. There are immediacy between the changing patterns, sharp and minimal visuals, and dial mechanics is easy for anyone who has a little bit knowledge of puzzle games.

But whatever your own personal circumstances, G30 is surely a success. It’s a rewarding game to play – and also replay, to properly understand the underlying mechanics; and it shows there’s plenty of life and innovation left in mobile gaming, especially when savvy games creators have the imagination to shake up and expand on familiar puzzle gaming tropes.

G30 Tips and tricks

  • Things look easy in the beginning but as you change one color the object changes along with other rings. This might be familiar to those who’ve played a lot of puzzle adventure games.
  • To control the particular shape you have to select the colored dot with one ring. Sometimes, you’ll also have a ring that rotates two rings at once, messing up your attempts at selecting a colored dot. First, move the outer ring then the inner ring.

  • Sometimes you have to swap shapes.  
  • Make sure to collect the words to unfold the story along.

These tips will surely help the beginners to unveil the game. Get into more details and reveal the secrets of the person. I am sure everyone is going to love this thriller game  G30- a memory maze.