• Color
  • Price
  • Reliability
  • Easy to get


  • Easy to get
  • Left handed use only
  • Supports only Apple products
  • Low storage
Low storage
Low storage

Final Verdict

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The plot starts off with you being executed and ALDUIN comes and destroys the town, now run to Whiterun to save the world from the dragon threat. SKYRIM is just taking new twists and turns on the new Sony PS4. Get drowned in the ancient world full of exciting, a new mission and threat on each step, know how to wisely choose friends and save the world as the world needs you all with the Sony PS4.

Not only SKYRIM, experience Star Trek-like never before as not just the quality of VR is great than PS3 but you need to explore a lot more.

Who should BUY THIS?

  1. A gaming freak who wants all in for one, then surely the PS4 is for you.
  2. Love to watch movies and play games experiencing the real world rather than on LCD/LED screen, get the SONY PS4 right now.
  3. Exploring the future of gaming, you get a whole new experience in real time, though you feel a little bit nausea as you are not used to it, that’s just for a time being till you get used to it.

3. If you love speed and hate the loading symbol than this is the perfect gaming console for you where there is so little latency that you don’t even come to know.

4.The best Birthday gift to your near and dear ones. Children will love it anyway; also the oldies will be a fan of it. Who would miss the PS4 experience as it makes one go drooling over it?

5.If you are a single player and miss playing on a team than the PSVR is just what you should have in your box.


  1. Outstanding Graphics

One thing that has been upgraded to the highest level is the graphics of the console. When you have a good graphics you tend to spend more time playing and thus make the most of your PS4. Also, there is too little to negligible lapse time as all the games have a good frame rate. When you have your favorite game and the best play station what else can stop you from winning all the series of SKYRIM or STAR TREK. So start with it right now.

  1. PSVR

The most intriguing feature added to the PS4 is the virtual reality which enables the user to enter the world of gaming and have a real-time experience. You would love playing your game with the new VR box. Just get used to it as this takes time, you would have a little motion sickness but that’s okay, do take rest and intervals while playing.

  1. Worth Buying

The PSVR is a bit expensive kit at the rate of $399.99 but is surely worth buying if you want to have an amazing feel of the gaming world. All the games are PRO patched which is the best thing about this device. Spend time to know all the settings before you start judging it.


Changing the whole new Ballgame for Gamers out there, Get excited as this is the ultimate Playstation you were waiting for. Get all your fantasies exercisable as it allows having the best Virtual reality effect just at the comfort of your place. Join the growing PSVR community on Reddit to get the full access and know more hacks about the device. You can buy the PS4 from AMAZON at a good price of $399.99 and also get discounts along with free shipping. So hurry up and get a PS4 to unveil the child in you.


credits:youtube.com, gocdkeys.com, amazon customer reviews