Normally, whenever we think about Action Cameras, we think of GoPro. However, when you check online, you will see wide range of action cameras available in the market. This might give a potential customer difficult task to choose between the products.

In this article we will give you some tips for choosing action cameras.

1. Toughness of the camera

One of the important factors to consider while selecting an action camera is its toughness: how well the camera will work in different kind of environment. Well, most people use action camera to shoot video or image in an extreme adventure. These include mountain biking, paragliding to surfing and swimming by taking the camera underwater. Make sure it is tough enough as per your requirement. All cameras will be labelled with its tolerance: how deep can you take it underwater, in what extreme weather can it operate, and how far can it be dropped to not be damaged.


2. Photo and Video Quality

Another aspect to reflect is the quality of its images and videos. What more disappointing can it be than to see poor quality pictures when your expectations were to capture the Kodak moments. The highest quality of video is 4K followed by 1080p and 720p. Of course, which quality to choose depends on your budget as well as the purpose of shooting. But most cameras that are even below $50 offer 4K quality video. But pay attention that higher the resolution, bigger the file size of the video and difficult in editing. It is similar with images too. Cameras offering higher mega pixels will deliver higher qualities.


3. Mounting Option

Unless you are buying Action Camera to use it as an Ordinary Camera, mounting option is a critical aspect to consider while buying. Most importantly, waterproof is a vital to think about. Action Cameras are used for water adventures too so that it can capture moments underwater. Also, you need to be sure if the mounting can be done on the handles and the helmets. Therefore, be sure about the main purpose of the camera as mounting will definitely affect the size, weight and features that you are looking in the camera.


4. Battery Life and Storage

Make sure the action camera you buy captures the moments till the end and doesn’t disappoint you by going off in the middle while filming. Longevity is certainly another factor to consider. Some action cameras therefore offer two batteries. Check how long the camera can record with full charge. Cameras that offer longer hours of battery life are usually expensive. Also, along with the battery life, check the storage capacity of the camera and make sure you carry extra Micro SD cards to go extra mile.


5. Wireless Option

Quick and convenient method to transfer the pictures and videos to your phone, computer is one of the ultimate features to consider. Some cameras have built in Wi-Fi to share the moments captured immediately wherever you are, while some have features of remote control where you can control the camera from your phone. There are also cameras that offer do-it-all apps for mobile devices where you can edit and share your moments. Some have GPS features to indicate your locations too.