The game controllers are advancing rapidly yet we are waiting when we would control the video games just with our hand movements and which is compatible with every gaming console.

Human augmentation start-up vicara has created kai, a smart wristband that lets you interact with digital devices by tracking your hand and finger gestures. aimed at increasing productivity drastically, kai features gesture-based computer interaction technology that is compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled device including laptops, mobile phones, televisions, VR/AR, and even drones.

Kai is the Sanskrit word for hand. The device, which fits snugly in the palm of your hand, harnesses natural body language to help you navigate your desktop, browse the web, play games or flick through photos all with the wave of your hand or flick of your finger.


Abhishek Satish, Co-Founder & Inventor at Vicara says “Interaction with the digital environment has been restricted to a mouse and keyboard for over 60 years. With the rise of AR/VR as a new medium of interaction and the severe time constraints in the professional creative market space, the typical medium of interaction does not optimize the productivity of users. A gesture-based interaction device like the KAI can process the power of natural body language to interact with your digital world more intuitively than any product in the market today. We are super excited to share it with the Indiegogo community and have them help us nurture this unique technology.”

Using Kai

  • 3D modeling software
  • control drones
  • while working with keyboard and mouse
  • use kai as a steering wheel to make racing more fun
  • using the kai control center, you can pair your favorite gestures with your favorite applications.
  • use kai with any digital device
  • VR/AR headsets
  • Presentations and computers


You can choose your own stylish Kai from the four different available colors – black, white, blue or Red.


Dev SDK is the heart of Kai as it works. Dev plus Kai plus leads you to endless possibilities.

  • Create custom gestures
  • Support up to 8 Kais parallely
  • Dual kai calibration for AR VR
  • Works with any development language
  • Access and process any type of data
  • Easy to interface

 Myo armband also allows you to use gestures but Kai is way further than that and you have many advanced features compared to the Myo

The Founders

The intelligence behind the device are these young Indian talents.